About Us

Our mission: iLOVE (instruction Librarians Organization for Virtual Engagement) is a digital space for Iowa’s instruction librarians to share ideas, ask questions, build relationships, collaborate, commiserate, and support each other in our quest to teach the world.

Our objectives:
  • Build collaborative relationships (hanging out)
  • Participate in professional and moral development (learning stuff)
  • Create a supportive environment for instruction librarians (being awesome)

Who are we:
  • Becky: Becky is a Reference and Instruction Librarian who was recently described both as Mary Poppins on caffeine and a yoda that jumps off walls. She resides in eastern Iowa IRL, and at Getting to Ta Da online. Oh, and she sometimes tweets library stuff as beckiejean.
  • Cara: Cara serves as Coordinator of Information Literacy Instruction and User Experience Librarian at a small university in central Iowa.  She blogs at Lib-ing the Good Life and sometimes tweets about library-related topics. Her Twitter handle is stonca01. When not in the library, Cara can be found behind her string bass, nerding out with friends, or (for two weeks every summer) corralling junior high and high school aged music campers.
Guest bloggers:
  • Julie: Julie is an Instruction Services Librarian at a small liberal arts college in eastern Iowa.  When not drawing curriculum maps, designing and redesigning lessons, and creating online tutorials, Julie is busy organizing community art projects, bicycling, and playing her piano, guitar, fiddle, and a certain red squeeze box.
  • Julius: Julius is a library director at a small liberal arts Franciscan University on the western side of Iowa. He recently moved to Iowa from Florida in 2011. He loves all things that are library, instruction and technology. The mix of all three makes it even better. 

Contact us: iloveinstruction@gmail.com

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